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Like many people, I also from ordinary family, have their own dreams. In entrepreneurship development phases of frost period several times, and was lucky to get governments at all levels, academic experts, enterprise leadership to my lot to partner of concern, consistent expectations. It is this concern and expected to be I strive constantly for self-improvement, the enterprising spirit power. In the achievements on the road, I was lucky enough to and a large number of like-minded colleagues and mutual respect, mutual complementary aspects, the accumulation of hard business into a magnificent career. I slowly realize, life experience and suffering is actually a kind of wealth, it is a kind of magical powers. It let us become deeply love the life, Thanksgiving society, aggressive. The value of the individual is not have how much wealth, but in creating more value. Looking to the future, my colleagues and I will adhere to the enterprise as the platform, YuanShi to fight a Chinese excellent biological brand. To enterprise expansion, contributing to society and realize their value.


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